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Bosch Injection Pump Cover removal and Seal Inspection 2


This part of the job requires care as the cover will not just simply lift off. The cover is still held by the throttle shaft, a spring from the fast idle lever, the power screw adjustment and levers coming down from the "UFO". The cover has to be "teased" off.

Start by moving the throttle shaft to a roughly mid position. Then, placing downward pressure on the throttle shaft, gently press down whilst gently lifting the lid a little..

Lift a little more and observe the small spring descending down from the fast idle lever. Unclip the spring using a pair of fine pointed nose pliers..

Whilst still pressing on the throttle shaft and jiggling the cover carefully, lift it off..

 Note at this point how the throttle lever and governor spring sits in a slot in the fuel delivery regulator lever. The shaft needs to be rotated a little to enable the spring assembly to be lifted clear..

In this view you can clearly see the O ring on the throttle shaft, a favourite source of leaks as it goes hard over time. More especially if Vegetable Oil is used in high ratios.

Now To the seals themselves...

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