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Bosch Injection Pump Cover removal and Seal Inspection 1


This part of the job involves removing the pump cover to enable the leaking seals to be replaced. I cannot stress how vital it is to carefully mark each component of the throttle assembly as it is disassembled. A failure to do so will seriously upset the pump calibration.

There is no need to disturb the Turbo Boost sensing "UFO" on the very top of the pump.

The first task is to remove the load potentiometer. DO NOT move the pot. and once off mark it across its body underneath just in case it does move subsequently. Use an indelible marker. Remove it by unscrewing the two Torx screws attaching its bracket to the "UFO"

Remove the rubber washer


Mark the pronged pot. operating sleeve in relation to the throttle arm and undo the 10mm bolt holding the sleeve to the throttle shaft. Lift of the sleeve.

Unhook the throttle return spring

Mark carefully and remove the idle set screw so that the throttle lever comes to rest as far back as it will go.

Undo the 10mm nut holding the throttle lever to the throttle shaft but DO NOT lift the throttle lever in doing so. keep it firmly pressed down.

Lift the washer under the nut carefully, still keeping the throttle lever in position..

...and mark/note carefully the position of the throttle shaft in relation to the throttle lever. You will find lines scribed on the arm and a line scribed across the top of the throttle shaft to help you.

Lift off the arm, followed by the return spring and its cups.


Unscrew the four Allen Screws holding the cover down...

Now To lift the lid...

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