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Bosch Injection Pump Seal Inspection


This is where we can inspect the main seals that leak in a pump..

The first seal is the lid (cover seal). It is just a large shaped O ring.

This one was nicely hard, as were the O rings behind the timing device covers..


When you remove the timing device covers, be prepared for diesel to gush out. This part of the pump is hard to drain. The fluid in the picture above is in fact vegetable oil as this pump has been used as a long-term investigation into the effects vegetable oil may have on pump seals.

Note that on the mechanical version of this pump, the arrangement under the front timing cover is very different.

see here for the detail differences

And finally, the throttle shaft O ring.


Reassembly is a straight reversal of disassembly. Now where have we heard that before?

Page last updated 12 April 2008


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